1. ODC Solution comes with height of 32U & 42U as per customer requirement
  2. Cooling Solution includes the Following:
    • Heat Exchanger & 4x DC Fan
    • 4xDC Fan
    • DC Air Conditioner
  3. Built in IP 55 protection with high density Sandwich panel to prevent heating inside ODC
  4. Built in Anti-Theft protection inside and outside ODC to prevent Battery theft incident
  5. Built in standard 19” rack (4 Leg) for housing Rectifier, TX Equipment’s and Lithium Ion Battery
  6. Built in door sensor, smoke sensor, water sensor and DC light


Product Supply Experience



Major Features

  • Provision for Remote Data Monitoring
  • Inbuilt Air Conditioner/ Heat Exchanger
  • Advance Vibration Sensor that generates alarm on theft attempt
  • Temperature monitoring
  • Thermally insulated
  • Compliant to IP65 standard for Outdoor Installation
  • Triple Control Locking Mechanism
  • Acetylene Flame Test
  • Hammer Test Drill Grinder Test

Solution Overview

Salient Features


Anti theft cabinet is one of a kind, comprehensive and state of the art solution to overcome battery theft issues in Pakistan

KS Anti Theft Battery cabinet not only ensures the safety of equipment but also substantially bring down replacements as our cabinet is unbreakable

Integrated with advanced vibration detection alarm feature embedded in the cabinet which generates a local and remote alarm whenever there is an unauthorized attempt to access the cabinet.

Anti theft Cabinet is a reliable cabinet used for outdoor battery, with the wind, rain, sun, corrosion resistance and good anti-theft function, good environment adaptability, can reduce the theft loss of equipment.


  • Dimensions: Customized as per client’s requirement
    • One unit
    • Modular Cabinet
  • Anti-theft Features: Acetylene flame, crowbar, drill & hammer resistant material
  • Finish: Polyester powder coating 100+/-20 microns, Gloss 3-5 units, Fine Texture
  • Lock: Triple Control Unique Locking Mechanism with highly reinforced engage points and hinges
  • Auto Safety: Advance auto locking capabilities and gear assisted with 12 shooting rods to enhance security
  • Material: Steel frame multi-layer, multi-bend integrated web bonding on all layers with extra rigid concrete filling