Providing you with Effective & Green Energy Solutions since 2016 We are here to deliver optimal, well-performing and environmentally-sound energy solutions.
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Established in 2016, Krypton Solutions has been working towards a future of eco-friendly smart energy solutions while developing solutions for highly demanding applications in all types of infrastructures.

We work together to make your life easier by fulfilling your energy needs with smart solutions while never abandoning our responsibility towards the environment.

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Discover our projects in the telecom industry all across the country.

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We address the fundamental needs of our clients and communicate every step of the way.

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Our Services

We cater to our clients’ needs both in terms of customized products as well as maintenance and replacement services. We aim to be a one stop-shop for all of your energy solution requirements.


Regular & Customized Hardware Products

From traditional Motor Control Panels to customized IPS.


Battery Refurbishment Services

Guaranteed capex and opex saving with 80% success ratio.


Generator Overhauling Services

Our highly acclaimed overhauling services widely used in the Telecom sector.

Our Goal

To be the future of reliable and efficient energy solutions

To deliver innovative and highly attested, cost beneficial power solutions to fulfil your energy requirements coupled with formidable services and always stay technologically armed for the future challenges.

We value honesty and transparency when communicating with our clients. Having an astute focus and vision has helped our team in being diligent and build a trust with our clients. Our foundations lie in doing business ethically with integrity.

Latest Projects

Our Latest Projects

We have made an environment of efficiency and we take on projects to help our clients find the best solutions. From our regular power hardware products to intelligently integrated systems and maintenance services, we have a solution for every energy need of yours.

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    Latest News & Blog

    We aim to keep you updated on the up and coming energy-based research and technologies through our informative blogs and news articles.

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